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Our business partner and subsidiary company Service Tanker LTD provides the following services:

  • Agency service of the vessels being bunkered at the outer road
  • Technical supply (spares, oils, expendables)
  • Delivery of goods from the shore (documents, correspondence)
  • Garbage collection / Disposal services
  • Marine Surveys, including bunker survey
  • Crew change clearance, travel arrangements, hotel accommodation
  • Verification of fire-fighting, rescue, radio equipments

Tanker Service LTD operates 24-hours/7-days capabilities. Our partner provides its services qualitatively and in short terms.

Contact Information:

Service Tanker LTD

7, Leningradskaya St, Tuapse, Krasnodar Region, Russia, 352800

Phone +7 86167 56404, +7 86167 50650

Fax +7 86167 56404

Mobile +7928 3349485

Email servicetanker@gmail.com

SeaTrade LTD – is a reliable physical supplier of high-quality bunker oil!

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E-mail: servicetanker@gmail.com

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