Quality parameters

The quality of the oil products to be supplied by our company complies with to all the requirements of National Standards (GOSTs) and corresponds to the ISO 8217 requirements. Prior to the fuel purchase from the suppliers all the fuel characteristics of special importance for the usage in ships are examined including sulphur content, viscosity, ash content, water content, flash points in the open crucible and in the closed crucible. On top of that all the fuel supplied shall be examined for compliance not only for the quality requirements but also for the safe use in the ships’ engines and in the marine steam-generating boilers. Immediatelly prior to bunker delivery to the Buyer's vessel all the petroleum products run through tests and quality control checks in the laboratories. Data quality analysis procedures are made by the internationally accredited survey organizations such as SGS, Saybolt, Intertech.



SeaTrade LTD takes care about the quality of supplied Marine fuels! High quality – is a guarantee of failure-free engine operation and long term relationships with our partners!

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Corporate documents
The  license for Marine Transport of Dangerous Goods and The  license for material - handling activity [1.71 Mb] (Downloads: 57)
Partner's informational card [59 Kb] (Downloads: 42)
Company’s requisites [56.5 Kb] (Downloads: 71)

Download a company's presentation [379.32 Kb] (Downloads: 49)

T&C - Terms & Conditions [280 Kb] (Downloads: 39)

INTRODUCTION [243.35 Kb] (Downloads: 54)
The Regulations at Tuapse seaport
The ordinance of Tuapse Seaport Administration [237.79 Kb] (Downloads: 28)
The order of the RF Ministry of Transport [165 Kb] (Downloads: 23)
   International units of measure [33 Kb] (Downloads: 24)
The Regulations at Tuapse seaport
 Layout Map of Tuapse Seaport
The Regulations at Tuapse seaport
The boundaries of the aquatory of Tuapse Seaport

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SeaTrade LTD – is a reliable physical supplier of high-quality bunker oil!

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