Our business partner and subsidiary company Service Tanker LTD provides the following services:

  • Agency service of the vessels being bunkered at the outer road
  • Technical supply (spares, oils, expendables)
  • Delivery of goods from the shore (documents, correspondence)
  • Garbage collection / Disposal services
  • Marine Surveys, including bunker survey
  • Crew change clearance, travel arrangements, hotel accommodation
  • Verification of fire-fighting, rescue, radio equipments

Tanker Service LTD operates 24-hours/7-days capabilities. Our partner provides its services qualitatively and in short terms.

Contact Information:

Service Tanker LTD

7, Leningradskaya St, Tuapse, Krasnodar Region, Russia, 352800

Phone +7 86167 56404, +7 86167 50650

Fax +7 86167 56404

Mobile +7928 3349485


Company’s partners
The company’s key policy are long-term and beneficial relationships with our business partners. SeaTrade LTD appreciates partners’ time and thus we are ready to provide services in very short terms upon the first enquiry.
  • The main partners are:
  • Service Tanker LTD. Provides agency services to our bunker barges
  • Transbunker - Novo LTD. Provides barging services
  • Energo Trade LTD. Provides our barges with marine fuel from leading manufacturing plants of RF


Key company’s partner’s are:

  • Arcadia Shipmanagement
  • Palmali Shipping
  • Thenamaris Athens
  • Minerva Marine Athens
  • Delta Tanker Ltd.
  • Ionia Shipmanagement
  • Handytankers k/s
  • & others.
About Us

SeaTrade’s priority is a care about safety, environment and quality policy:

  • Safety for human life and health
  • Safety for material values
  • Safety for the environment
The Russian company Sea Trade Ltd offers bunker fuel at the best prices, with quotations given by Sea Trade offering the best deal at the Port of Tuapse. On top of the low base rate, clients can get a further discount and take advantage of a flexible payment scheme and individual approach. This will ensure savings at every stage of bunker delivery, from the order to the receipt of fuel. Our company is the leading bunker supplier at Tuapse port. We deliver fuel using our own fleet of bunker vessels, and Sea Trade’s team of professionals have more than five years’ experience in bunkering. 
Among our clients are companies like Arcadia Shipmanagement, Palmali Shipping, Thenamaris (Athens), Minerva Marine (Athens), Delta Tankers Ltd, Ionia Management, Handytankers and others. Sea Trade offers its clients high-quality bunker fuel, intermediate fuel oil 180, intermediate fuel oil 380, marine gas oil 0.1.% sulphur. For quality guarantee purposes, we check the fuel at every stage – from delivery from the supplier to unloading to the client. 
All the oil products supplied by our company comply with ISO international quality standards and are subject to tough controls. The vessels we operate are ecologically safe and friendly to the environment. The safety of the personnel onboard the vessels is a key priority for our company.

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Bunkering company in Tuapse.

SeaTrade LTD has been supplying bunker fuels for more than 5 years already and is a member of IBIA! Due to high-quality oil products supplied by us (IFO 180, IFO 380, MGO 0,1) we have proved ourselves to be a reliable supplier in the Port of Tuapse. We operate several bunker barges, which are ready for the bunkering operations at any time convenient to our clients.

SeaTrade LTD – is a reliable physical supplier of high-quality bunker oil!

Bunker barges
SeaTrade LTD – is a reliable physical supplier of high-quality bunker oil!

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