Tuapse, Taman, Novorossiysk
Black sea, Russia

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Tuapse, Taman, Novorossiysk
Black sea, Russia

24 / 7

SeaTrade Ltd


How to choose a bunker supplier in the Black Sea, Russia? 

Reliable physical bunker supplier must complywith quality requirements, price regulations and delivery  time. This is exactly what SeaTrade is doing. 

Focus on:

Economic perspective. SeaTrade works in the Black Sea ports of Russia since 2009 All this time the company prevents overpaying in bunker purchasing. SeaTrade provides with the fair fuel price based on the fixed discounts from Istanbul, Piraeus and Rotterdam bunker prices.

Clients can get a further discount and take advantage of a flexible payment scheme and individual approach on top ofthe low base rate. This will ensure savings at every stage of bunker delivery.

The rules. SeaTrade operates in accordance with all the port regulations concerning bunkering and Harbour Masters’ requirements acting in Tuapse,Novorossiysk, Taman and Kavkaz. It gives us the major advantage in arranging bunkering process legally.

Vantage point. SeaTrade is the only local bunker supplier in Tuapse as the head office and own fleet are based here.Usually bunker barges call Tuapse from other ports that leads to delays for the shipowners and charterers while our barge is always in port and ready for delivery. Thus the company supplies vessels on the agreed terms in due time.

Standard compliance. SeaTrade offers high-quality bunker fuel: very-low sulphur fuel oil with max 0.5% S(VLSFO), high sulphur fuel oil (HSHFO), ultra-low sulphur fuel oil with max 0.1% S, low-sulphur marine gas oilmax 0.1% (LSMGO). All the oil products supplied by SeaTrade comply with ISO-2017 international quality standards.

Multilevel analysis. We check the fuel quality at every stage – from loading on board to discharging to the client presenting the SGS, BV, Saybolt laboratory analysis and certificates of quality (updated COQ). The received samples are sealed and kept in our store.

Meantime our bunker barges are annually inspected. The installed equipment are tested regularly in order to be ecologically safe and true in measurements. Our crew consists of high professional specialists trained by specified organizations for SAFETY FIRST reasons. The proof: no accidents & no COVID-19 cases.

SeaTrade gains a reputation as a stable partner and a reliable bunker supplier. We are trusted by the leading bunker traders and shipowners more than 10 years.

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