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Black sea, Russia

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Tuapse, Taman, Novorossiysk
Black sea, Russia

24 / 7

Bunkering of transit vessels

physical bunker supplier

Sea Trade LTD offers a full range of services for bunkering transit vessels in Tuapse. It has been working in this direction for many years, so it performs the work as quickly as possible. Thanks to the accumulated experience and perfectly debugged process, refueling of ships with fuel and engine oils is carried out in the shortest possible time, because no time is spent on preparation and organizational work. When a new vessel arrives at the port of Tuapse, the refueling works begin immediately, because all the coordination and preparatory measures will already be completed before berthing.

Bunkering is a complex and dangerous process. In the process of filling the vessel, the performing company bears a huge responsibility not only for the liquid cargo being handled, but also for the lives of port employees and the environment. That is why refueling is performed only with the use of innovative equipment and modern tracking equipment. It allows you to control everything, even the most insignificant indicators, in order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

Our advantages

Bunkering of bunker call vessels with any types of fuel is our main activity, so we have all the necessary conditions for performing this work. Moreover, for many years before the work was well-established processes of acceptance of the vessel, registration, preparation and filling. The latter is performed only at the berth using modern equipment with a variety of sensors and monitoring modules.

We have a reliable partner – the agency company Tanker-Service. It provides repair services for all on-board automation, navigation and other equipment. It has its own laboratories in the immediate vicinity, where monitoring of measuring equipment and operational devices is carried out.
To get more information about the work of Sea Trade LTD, call or leave requests at any time. We work around the clock and guarantee high quality services at all stages.

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