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Tuapse, Taman, Novorossiysk
Black sea, Russia

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The company offers marine fuel

m/v Rene TankerService Tuapse port

The bunker market has recently faced a number of restrictions related to the need to prevent pollution from marine vessels. The innovations were introduced by the international MARPOL Convention. To improve the environmental situation, restrictions were established on the emissions from ships of Sox (sulfur oxides), which are formed when fuel is burned at the time of the combination of sulfur and oxygen. Restrictions on NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions have also been introduced: they need to be reduced by 75 %. All this has tightened the requirements for marine fuel, which our company takes into account. We use only environmentally friendly products that meet international standards.

VLSFO max. 0.5 %

Marine fuel is a well-known product of Gazprom Neft. The manufacturer calls this a solution to the»sulfur problem». The product can be used all over the world, with the exception of the EU, where the requirements are even stricter. WLST is characterized by a low sulfur content.

Ship fuel from Lukoil»

All products meet the limits for negative emissions into the atmosphere. The CCAI hydrocarbon aromatization index for marine fuel RMD 80-860 was calculated, the hydrogen sulfide content was 2 mg / kg, and the ash content was 0.07%. Compare the values of the same parameters for the product RMG 180 of the same manufacturer: 781.37-the calculated indicator, 0.2-hydrogen sulfide, 0.023 % — ash content.

ULSFO max. 0.1 % S

We also offer our customers fuel oil with a very low sulfur content-0.1 %. The manufacturer is Gazprom. The product has been on the bunker market for 2 years and occupies a 15% share among Russian marine fuel.

The listed fuels and lubricants are the most private choice of customers. They are not limited to the full list of fuel brands offered by us. When ordering bunkering online, a separate line of the order form is offered for selection.

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