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Tuapse, Taman, Novorossiysk
Black sea, Russia

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Bunkering of high-sulfur fuel

Bunkering in Tuapse and the Caucasus

Sea Trade LTD is a leader in the transportation of petroleum products in the Black Sea ports. Transportation is carried out by bunkers from its own fleet, and also performs bunkering in the vessels of partners. The main port is located in Tuapse, so the company has all the advantages in this direction in the market. On the territory of the port there are laboratories for regular quality control of any petroleum products, including marine gas oil with 0.1-0.5% sulfur. To perform bunkering of this type of fuel, there is specialized equipment and experienced specialists who regularly monitor all indicators.

An indicator of the quality of marine fuels

An important indicator of the quality of marine fuel is precisely the sulfur content. Currently, fuel oil is produced with an increased amount, but not exceeding half a percent, because the content of this substance negatively affects the environment. This indicator will decrease, because from January 1 last year, new requirements for marine fuel were introduced, according to which the amount of sulfur should be lower. But since fuel oil with a large amount of this substance continues to be used by various companies, Sea Trade LTD continues to work on professional bunkering of this type of fuel.

Moreover, in this direction, it is constantly developing and improving, offering its customers new opportunities in terms of the volume of transported fuel oil and maintaining its quality at a given level. Our equipment allows you to monitor all the indicators that are entered in the reporting documentation throughout the entire route of the vessel. Bunkering and subsequent transportation of fuel oil is carried out with mandatory compliance with all environmental requirements. The requirements for this criterion are also taken into account in relation to the personnel who will maintain the bunker during the journey to the destination port.

To find out the specifics of cooperation with our company, call us at any convenient time. We work with all ports of the Black Sea, so there are reliable partners everywhere. Guarantee the quality of services throughout the journey.

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