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The process of bunkering vessel

The process of bunkering vessel

Laborious work is carried out on the bunkered vehicle before the complex of operations is carried out. The senior mechanic is responsible for the process. Responsible persons are assigned to work directly with the fuel. Appointments are made by order.

How a marine vehicle is prepared for bunkering

  • They raise the Bravo signal flag, which means loading or unloading operations, and the presence of dangerous cargo on board. In the dark, this is indicated by a red circular lamp.
  • Notify the persons on the ship about the beginning of bunkering. This implies a ban on the use of open fire on the deck, as well as smoking.
  • Perform measurements of the amount of fuel on the bunkered transport and the bunkering truck.
  • Check the condition of ventilation pipes, self-closing valves on the measuring pipes of fuel tanks, deck scuppers.
  • They make sure that fire-fighting equipment is available and that the equipment for oil spill response is ready for use.
  • Check the operability of the alarm system about the filling of fuel tanks.

Preparation for bunkering of the contractor

The bunkering operator notifies of the readiness to carry out operations for the material and technical supply of the marine vehicle. The notice-the bunkering receipt-indicates the local time of approach to the ship. The type and volume of fuel ordered is confirmed. The average injection capacity of fuels and lubricants is reported.

It is mandatory for the bunkering operator to provide a certificate, where they specify:

  • the name of the fuel, its quantity and density, the sulfur content in the supplied product;
  • data of the receiving vessel and the supplier;
  • information about the delivery: port, date, and time of the start of operations.

How does bunkering work?

After checking the passport for petroleum products, the bunkering participants specify the maximum pressure for the supply of fuel and lubricants. Start with a minimum feed rate. If there are no leaks, the intensity is increased. The parameter value is selected taking into account:

  • viscosity, temperature of petroleum products;
  • the number of simultaneously receiving tanks;
  • the temperature of the water overboard, the air.

When the bunkering vessel delivers fuel, the receiving vessel monitors the levels in the tanks, the pressure in the hose. Make sure that there is no overflow. The level is also checked 20 minutes after the tanks are filled. If the level changes, the valves are closed incorrectly.

During the bunkering process, continuous sampling takes place and controls the landing of the ship, the stability of the ship. Fuel samples are placed in a clean, dry container, sealed, and a label is attached with information about the delivery, fuel, and the name of the bunkering vessel and the bunkered ship. Samples are stored on the ship for at least a year, fuel certificates-3 years.

After the completion of bunkering operations, information about the accepted fuel, quantity and name is brought to the attention of the captain. They report on the tanks filled with fuel and lubricants, their number and numbers. They report the end time of fuel intake.

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